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Who We Are

The Zetler family have been farming for 4 generations in the Stellenbosch district of South Africa. The primary business was strawberry and hydroponic sweet pepper production in greenhouses. With a strong cultivation background and appreciation for high-quality products, it was decided to create a cannabis division.

Permission was granted in July 2019 for a 14,000m2 facility based in Stellenbosch. The licence allows for the cultivation, import & export of medicinal cannabis.

As leading cultivators and users of greenhouse technologies with decades of experience in farming various hydroponic crops, Felbridge is well placed to be at the forefront of the South African medicinal cannabis market and thereby assist in leading the local industry forward in a safe and responsible manner.

One of the cornerstones of Felbridge’s business is the building of partnerships with leading companies and institutions both locally and abroad to provide the highest quality products and starter materials available.

Felbridge is committed to the development of a strong South African and African hub for cannabis and this will be achieved by empowering customers and suppliers to leverage off the latest technologies combined with decades of cultivation experience.

We grow with integrity, in a safe and responsible manner, whilst placing a strong emphasis on the commitment to our customers in producing and supplying quality cannabis starting material.