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Consulting Services

Felbridge offers a range of advisory services to prospective and existing licensed cultivators throughout Southern Africa. With our extensive track record in agriculture combined with our practical experience gained in cultivating and exporting medicinal cannabis, we believe that our team of experts can assist in developing bespoke programs to suit your project requirements.

Our cultivation team can assist you with technical support pertaining to the following key focus areas:

  • Operational Assessment;
  • Genetics & Strain Selection;
  • Irrigation & Fertigation;
  • Integrated Pest Management Programs;
  • Staff Training;
  • Lighting & Automation;
  • HVAC & Climate Control;
  • Offtake Opportunities;
  • Management Services; and
  • GACP Protocols.

Contact us for a bespoke service to meet your production requirements.

As a leading commercial cultivator in South Africa, our Group has built strong relationships with key suppliers and service providers supplying into the cannabis and hemp industry.

With our ability to purchase in scale, Felbridge is able to provide licensed cultivators with volume discounts that they ordinarily would not receive.

Our product offering includes a range of hardware and consumables that cover the following:

  • Grow Rooms;
  • Lighting;
  • Environmental Control;
  • Grow Bags / Pots;
  • Plant Propagation;
  • Growing Medium;
  • Water & Aeration Equipment;
  • Tools & Accessories;
  • Pest Control; and
  • Harvesting & Trimming.

Contact us for more information on our product range, pricing & availability.

Felbridge, in partnership with its infrastructure development partners, is able to provide technical support and project management services to existing as well as prospective cannabis license holders.

In combining our cultivation advisory and equipment supply offering, we are able to assist you in selecting the key suppliers and service providers to manage your infrastructure development requirements as efficiently and cost effective as possible.

Contact us for a bespoke program to assist in your infrastructure development requirements.

Tissue Culture

Seed Production & Distribution