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Felbridge CBD Lite

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Fully feminized seeds // No males // High CBD // High quality flower and biomass // low THC content

Available as fully feminized seeds, this variety is specifically designed for low THC production markets, such as the EU, where strict THC content limits are in place. The plant is highly branching and yields dense high quality flowers. In the field this variety is ideal for as little hand labor as possible. Seed starts or direct seed drilling in late spring are possible. The structure of the plant allows for harvest of flower rich biomass with a mechanical harvester (more than 3300 lbs/acre CBD biomass) or as well quality trimmed flowers (more than 800 lbs/acre). Moreover, since not a single male plant is tolerated in our breeding or seed production pipeline, culling males is not necessary. In its flowers this variety matures to a total of 0.3 % THC, while still producing more than 7 % CBD according to the USDA guideline. The aroma profile of the flower is a very appealing combination of citrus and berry making it attractive as a high value smokable product.

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Felbridge CBD Lite Advantages

Knowing that your field will not run hot regardless of when you harvest in the fall will ease the minds of many farmers. The high ratio of CBD to THC ensures Felbridge CBD lite biomass is competitive with early harvest higher cannabinoid varieties.

Our proprietary seed feminization process ensures that over 99.9% of the seeds are feminized and essentially no males are present in the field. Therefore, the valuable CBD flower biomass will not be contaminated with seeds.

Drill in seeds and uniform plant growth across every planted field that is amenable to mechanical harvest of only the high value flower biomass.

Felbridge CBD lite produces superior quality flowers that are high in resin. The flavor and aroma profile are an appealing mix of sweet berry and citrus notes.

The uniform branches are less prone to lodging and breaking in inclement weather than single massive colas. This trait maximizes CBD flower biomass per ha and secure yields at harvest.

Felbridge CBD lite has been bred to root fast from seed with a high germination rate. Once in the field, Felbridge CBD lite establishes rapidly and guarantees a good harvest in the fall.

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