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Felbridge CBD

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High CBD // Mold and mildew resistant // Fast growing // High yielding // Low lodging // High quality flowers

Available as clones, this haze variety contains many great production traits. It exhibits a refined aroma profile and a short flowering period. It was bred from the best market tested Swiss genetics. Its balance of production and quality traits make it one of the best varieties currently on the market for premium CBD cultivation. It is incredibly resistant to molds and mildews and tolerates harsh growth conditions. Its highly branched profile ensures low lodging of mature flowers, guaranteeing secured yields of more than 1000 kg of trimmed dry flower per hectare (over 1000 lbs per acre), and over 4000 kg of biomass per hectare (4000 lbs per acre). Large plants easily exceed 3 pounds of flowers each. Felbridge CBD is suitable for most hot climates and compatible for indoor, glasshouse, and outdoor production. The trimmed flowers reach over 15 percent CBD and unfold a spicy and earthy flavor. The indoor flower duration is 9-10 weeks. Felbridge CBD is mid-to-late flowering, and the target harvest is late-September to mid-October.

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Felbridge CBD Advantages

Mildews and molds are major enemies to any cannabis cultivation. By starting from the resistant material available, we bred one of the most mold and mildew resistant CBD varieties available on the market.

Due to its highly branching genetics, Felbridge CBD does not require the extra work of topping or pinching. The plants grow into a table-top structure, so flowers are exposed to the most direct sunlight, producing high CBD levels.

Felbridge CBD clones were stabilized and re-selected over several growth cycles to remove all off-types and males. Plant growth is uniform across every planted field as with all major crops.

Felbridge CBD produces superior quality flowers that are high in resin. The flavor and aroma profile are dominated by earthy myrcene with an appealing mix of nice spice notes.

The light and uniform branches are less prone to lodging and breaking in inclement weather than single large co- las. This trait maximizes CBD flower biomass per acre and facilitates easy mechanized harvest.

The most important step in getting a high yielding cannabis crop is having strong roots early. Felbridge CBD has been bred to root fast and efficiently with low loss rates. Once in the field, rapid establishment by Felbridge CBD guarantees a good harvest in the fall.

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