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Puregene, based in Switzerland, breeds genetically superior cannabis and hemp varieties developed using advanced artificial intelligence driven breeding technology and has one of the largest libraries of cannabis genetics in the world.

Switzerland is known for its quality and attention to detail and has one of the most mature low-THC cannabis markets in the world. By combining Swiss quality with their state-of-the-art breeding technology, Puregene is able to develop the best and most novel cannabis genetics in the industry and their Swiss philosophy is at the heart of every cross, selection, and experiment it carries out.

Puregene provides Felbridge with a secure development pipeline of high value novel cannabinoids which are fully compliant with local as well as international regulations and continues to focus on research and development in the sector and has established partnerships with many leading universities in Europe as well as in South Africa, where it conducts research-related activities with the University of Stellenbosch.

Felbridge has entered into a license and distribution agreement with Puregene to market their elite cannabis strains throughout Africa.

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Felbridge has entered into a co-operation agreement with Perfect Plants enabling it to expand its cannabis starter material offering by utilising Perfect Plants’ genetic library and distributing same through tissue culture, seeds or young plants for on-sale into global markets.

Perfects Plants, a global leader in the tissue culture industry with over 40 years experience in biogenetics, currently supports the production of over 100 varieties of horticultural and carnivorous plants and produces over 30 million plant and tissue culture products per year from its facilities in the Netherlands and South Africa.

It has recently expanded its product offering to include cannabis starter materials and has formed various strategic partnerships with cultivators and breeders around the world to capitalise on the growth and expansion opportunities in the sector.

The use of tissue culture as a starting material has numerous benefits for cultivators in that one can source higher quality, disease and pathogen-free plants from consistent genetics which will improve yields and profitability whilst reducing costs in that production and growth cycles are shortened and growing space reduced accordingly.

Felbridge aims to become the leading provider of cannabis and hemp starter materials in South Africa serving both the local and international market with high quality pharmaceutical grade products and our collaboration with Perfect Plants provides the perfect platform to do so.

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Felbridge has obtained full member status of the South African National Seed Organization (SANSOR) thereby becoming the first company in South Africa with a medical cannabis cultivation license to do so.

The SANSOR membership is significant in that it paves the way forward for the establishment of a regulated and certified cannabis and hemp seed production facility and industry in South Africa.

Breeders, cultivators and distributors require high quality, clean and reliable starter materials which are disease and pest free and our membership with SANSOR provides an excellent platform on which to establish Felbridge as a cannabis and hemp seed producer for export into international markets.

As leading cultivators of cannabis products in South Africa, Felbridge is well placed to be at the forefront of the African medicinal cannabis and hemp industry and following our membership with SANSOR, ensuring that all our starter materials produced comply fully with all local and international regulations as well as certification bodies.

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Wesgro is the official tourism, trade and investment promotion agency for Cape Town and the Western Cape and plays a supporting role in the development of the burgeoning medicinal cannabis sector through industry development, investment promotion and export facilitation.

Felbridge is appreciative of the support and guidance that Wesgro has provided to it in the establishment of its operations and in fulfilling our goal of becoming the leading provider of cannabis and hemp starter materials in South Africa.

It remains our objective to serve both the local and international market with high quality pharmaceutical grade products thereby generating significant export revenues for the economy as well as provide employment opportunities and future investment into the sector.

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Felbridge is committed to improving society via the proven medical benefits of cannabis in our everyday lives and we are pleased to partner with the Applied Microbial and Health Biotechnology Institute (AMBHI), based at the Cape Peninsula University of Technology, in fulfilling this goal.

The AMBHI is dedicated to conducting world-class multidisciplinary research focused on solving pertinent health challenges faced by South Africans. Our collaborative efforts with the AMHBI aim to evaluate the protective role of cannabis extracts against oxidative distress which is strongly linked to the initiation and progression of several diseases.

The research strategy proposed will focus on validating the nutraceutical potential of cannabis extracts by screening for various bio-activities and applying the most promising to relevant in vitro and later, in vivo models simulating diseases such as cancer and diabetes. This initiative will make use of cutting edge “omics” research to help study the biological effect and mechanisms of action of cannabis extracts.

Such driven innovation links bench top research to market actors and translates promising research into socio-economic benefits, which can ultimately lead to improved public health outcomes.

For more information on the Applied Microbial and Health Biotechnology Institute at the Cape Peninsula University of Technology, visit