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Tissue Culture

As the global health industry advances to a greater reliance on cannabis as an API as well as a stable food supply, the value proposition of tissue culture will continue to grow.

Tissue culture provides cultivators with the opportunity to mass produce plants, which are disease & pathogen free, to reproduce harvests at a lower cost than alternatives such as rooted clones or seed which can be inconsistent and time consuming.

Felbridge, in collaboration with its production partners and utilizing its extensive genetic library, offers various tissue culture services from its tissue facility located on-site and is able to ship globally as and when required.

Partner with Africa’s Leading Cannabis Tissue Culture Specialist

Experienced Cultivators

With over 50 years of agricultural experience, we have learnt what all large-scale cultivators have experienced the hard way – that tissue culture is the key to commercial success and the ultimate insurance policy.

Ensure Your Crop Succeeds

Not only does tissue cultivation produce plants that possess certainty of your final product – it also provides the means to avoid the disastrous consequences of source materials being wiped out in a natural disaster or crop failure.

Premium Quality & Service

Our tissue specialists maintain a stringent standard across all our products to ensure quality, consistency, sustainability, safety, health and traceability at all times.


Optimize your crop performance by making use of disease and pathogen free starter material.


Allowing you to reduce costs associated with production & growth cycles saving you time & maximizing your flowering area.


The African continent’s largest cannabis & hemp genetic library available in in-vitro tissue culture.


Providing cultivators with higher quality, disease & pathogen-free plants complete with phytosanitary certificates.

Peace of Mind

Utilizing consistent starting materials allow you to focus on the cultivation of your crop.

Felbridge offers a range of tissue culture services to licensed cannabis cultivators and breeders around the world. These focus on both mother and production stock programs utilizing both your and Felbridge’s extensive genetic library.

Safeguard Your Mother Stock

Access the Felbridge genetic library or provide your own in-vitro tissue culture for us to preserve and multiply as and when required in your production schedule.

Our genetic library includes several genotypes optimised for your production requirements – be it for flower, extraction or pharma and these may also be beneficial for any research, preservation or breeding programs your organisation requires.

Alternatively, allow Felbridge to refresh your mother stock material with new Stage 3 plantlets as and when required.

Ensuring a Successful Harvest

Utilizing Felbridge’s extensive genetic library or your own genetics maintained at our facility, we can assist cultivators to rather focus their resources on flowering plants and not on nursing mother stock material. Shortening your production and growth cycle with consistent genetics and volumes will ultimately lead to increased efficiencies, yield and profits.

Providing plant material that is of a higher quality, that are disease & pathogen-free and complete with phytosanitary certificates is what we do best.

Capitalize on Your Genetics

Felbridge provides licensed cultivators and breeders the opportunity to market their genetics, held and stored at our facility, to other licensed cultivators around the world. These sales are subject to strict non-propagation agreements and other protocols designed to protect your genetics and intellectual property at all times.

This allows you to generate income off your mother stock material when production plants are not required in your propagation schedule.

Allow our experienced cultivation team to guide you through our extensive library and be your partner in growing success.

Contact us for a bespoke program to suit your production requirements.

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